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"My kids have been taking piano lessons with Thomas for the last 2 years and love him.  He's a great kids teacher.  He expects them to work and pay attention but keeps it fun, and he doesn't talk down to them.  They have learned so much from him in all aspects - technique, theory, composition etc.  We highly recommend him!"

Morna Pixton

"Thomas is a wonderful instructor! Starting lessons as an adult is daunting, but Thomas really makes each lesson both enjoyable and informative. He covers both the basics, like how to read music, and more advanced concepts, like the proper way to strike a key. He is really receptive to my own needs and tastes, tailoring the lessons to the type of music I would eventually like to play. Even though I'm starting from scratch, Thomas makes me believe I can actually play real music!"

Amanda Lerner
Graduate Student at Yale University

"During college, I had the fortunate opportunity to study with Thomas Allen for ten weeks. He is patient, thorough, and concerned about the entire health of the performer. Knowing the impact that poor technique can have on pianists, I learned the importance of being released and free while playing."

Katie Hall
Manager of Marketing/Development, Arkansas Lighthouse for the Blind

"Thomas is a very encouraging teacher, which is very nice."

Nathan Vasquez
Post-Baccalaureate Research in Social Cognitive Development Lab at Yale

"Thomas is one of the best piano teachers that I have had in my approximately 20 years of taking lessons. His technical knowledge is amazing and he is very humble about it. I am an adult student of his with a fair amount of theory and reading ability but missing some gaps in between. He was able to review my knowledge and adjust my lessons accordingly to incorporate theory, reading, and technical ability while still having fun and being an inspiration to learn and to practice. He also suffered an injury during an earlier part of his career and after relearning proper movement on the piano, was able to recover to be an amazing pianist. He teaches students this important aspect from the very beginning which avoids injury and pain later. On top of this, he has a very nice personality."

Andrea Whyte
Senior Data Manager

"Thomas's talent helped make our wedding truly special. He worked with us to adapt the perfect music for our ceremony. He was professional, patient, and the music was beautiful!"

Nicole and Chase Walker

"I wholeheartedly recommend the services of Mr. Thomas Allen, who served as the pianist for my church for several months in 2014.  He was so talented, flexible, and thoroughly easy to work with.  Not only did he play the piano beautifully, with an amazing ability to sight read, but also he was so dedicated that when he didn’t have transportation, he would walk several miles to our church and always arrived on time! He is an amazing young gentleman and we felt very fortunate to have his services."

Mary Simmons
Winston-Salem Friends Meeting, Music Director
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