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Serving Hoboken and NYC, my goal is to help talented, driven students achieve musical excellence, cultivate personal and artistic growth, and create a community that shares its love of music with the world.

About the Studio

All ages and levels are welcome to apply. Students regularly participate in Royal Conservatory of Music juries and have received Honors with Distinction. This studio focuses on classical music and emphasizes a strong musical foundation, which includes instruction in healthy piano technique and music theory. Studying classical music is advantageous since it demands a solid technique and develops an understanding of complicated musical form, harmony, and rhythm. This training prepares students to play pieces from any musical genre, which is encouraged once the student is ready. Composition can also be incorporated into lessons if the student is interested. Please see the Studio Policy and Prices for more information.

About the Teacher

Thomas has participated as a judge in several competitions and events, including the New London Piano Festival and the Hartford Music Teachers Alliance Festival. In addition to teaching in this private studio, Thomas previously taught at the Neighborhood Music School, the New Haven Academy of Performing Arts, and the Performing Arts Academy of Connecticut. See Artist Page for more information.

Healthy Piano Technique

The importance of a healthy, sustainable technical foundation cannot be overemphasized. Not only does it help musicians avoid injuries such as tendinitis and carpal tunnel syndrome, it also becomes easier to realize our musical interpretations when we don't struggle with excessive muscle tension. There are many approaches to piano technique (i.e. how to use the fingers/hands/arms, body position, muscle usage, etc.), but often they aren't informed by biomechanics, anatomy, and kinesthetic awareness (awareness of muscle tension). Unfortunately, many musicians are injured each year because they aren't aware of harmful technical habits in their playing: these habits are at odds with technical efficiency, musical expression, and anatomical safety. All students in this studio receive training in injury-preventive piano technique.

Music Theory

Music theory is also an important part of this studio since reading notes, learning rhythm, and understanding harmony and form are a fundamental part of any musical education. Students at the appropriate level and age will be given weekly assignments in music theory.

Student Portal

The Student Portal provides supplementary materials for assignments in music theory, piano technique, and listening. The listening station combines playlists from different periods of classical music, which students use for listening responses and other assignments. The music theory section consists of progressive theory exercises and games for all levels. The piano technique section is a compilation of videos and articles that will help students define and understand the basis of a healthy piano technique.

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